1FF Schwegler Bat Box With Built-in Wooden Rear Panel


The Schwegler 1FF bat box is spacious enough for bats to use as a summer roost or nursery site and is open at the bottom, allowing droppings to fall out so it does not need cleaning.  The 1FF is, therefore, especially suitable for hanging in inaccessible places such as high in trees, or on steep slopes and house walls. The 1FF is manufactured from long-lasting Woodcrete, which is a blend of wood, concrete and clay which will not rot, leak, crack or warp, and will last for at least 20 – 25 years, making it suitable for long-term mitigation projects.  Woodcrete is breathable and maintains a stable temperature inside the box and the 1FF is painted black to absorb warmth.  It also provides a good rough surface for bats to cling on to and climb.To compensate for fluctuations in temperature in spring and autumn, the 1FF is provided with a roughened rear panel made of hard-wearing wood. Depending on their individual temperature requirements, the bats can choose between the cooler Woodcrete surface or the warmer wooden panel.

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The inner dimensions of the 1FF have a reducing width making it ideal for bat species which inhabit crevices such as pipistrelle and noctule bats. For conservation projects and studies, the entire front of the box can be easily swung open for inspection purposes.

The 1FF bat box can be sited in trees or on buildings and is best positioned at a height of between 4 to 6 metres.  Please note that once bats have inhabited a roost or nursery site they may only be disturbed by licensed bat workers.

Schwegler bat and bird boxes are backed by conservation organisations, government agencies and forestry experts and have the highest occupation rates of all nest boxes. They are carefully designed to mimic natural nest and roost sites and to provide a stable environment.

Height 43cm x width 27cm x depth 14cm. Entrance hole 12cm x 24cm. Weight 9.5kg. Aluminium nail and hanger included.



Dimensions: 43 x 27 x 14cm
Entrance hole dimensions: 12cm x 24cm
Weight: 9.5kg
Material: Schwegler Woodcrete
Colour: Black with stable hard-wearing wooden insert
Supplied with: Galvanised steel hanger and aluminium tree-friendly nail


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