2H Schwegler Robin Box


This traditional design has proved to be highly effective in attracting robins, as well as other small species such as black redstart, spotted flycatcher and wren. It is designed to be installed on the walls of houses, barns, garden sheds or other buildings and should be hung so that the entrance is to one side (at an angle of 90° to the wall). The front panel can be easily removed for cleaning.

Please do not hang this type of box on a conspicuous tree or bush because small predators can enter through the unprotected opening. By hanging on a wall, predators won’t be able to reach the box. Alternatively hide the box in ivy, honeysuckle or other climbing plants.

The box is made from Schwegler wood-concrete; an exceedingly durable, rot-proof and breathable natural material designed to mimic the properties of natural nest sites and last 20 – 25 years.

Supplied with galvanised hanger and aluminium nail.

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* Material: Woodcrete
* Height: 20cm
* Width: 15cm
* Depth: 20cm
* Interior diameter: 12cm
* Weight: 2.5kg


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