Bird Feeder with Camera


The Bird Feeder with Camera consists of a wireless colour camera fixed to a wooden bird feeder. This set up is excellent for taking close ups of feeding birds. The camera is mounted on an adjustable boom allowing it to be perfectly positioned to get the best footage. The feeder is designed to be mounted to a wall or bird table and takes approximately 1kg of peanuts. There is a separate battery box with an on/off switch and 1.6m cable. The camera runs on mains power or four size D batteries, battery life is between six and ten days if used twelve hours per day. The transmitter has a range of approximately 100m depending on obstacles such as walls and trees. The receiver is easily connected to a TV providing a live stream of the feeder.

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Height: 27cm
Width: 16cm
Depth: 12cm (with boom retracted)
Weight: 1kg
Material: FSC certified timber


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