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Cobra Optics Titan Gen 2+ Night Vision Monocular


The Cobra Optics Titan provides the perfect balance for those looking for a Second Generation night vision scope for wildlife use. It is reasonably priced for a Generation 2+ device yet will produce excellent images at the very lowest light levels. This scope is particularly suitable for those working in remote areas with little ambient light (e.g. forests) or when a greater range is required than that provided by Generation 1 scopes. The reduced edge distortion compared to Generation 1 devices makes this ideal for observing objects for prolonged periods of time without fatiguing the eye.

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The Cobra Optics Titan features +/- 4 dioptre correction, a built in IR illuminator and a running time of up to 25 hours on one AA battery (without the IR illuminator being used).

Please note: Due to export restrictions we can only send this scope to addresses in the U.K.

* Built-in Infrared illuminator for image intensification in low light levels and total darkness.
* 1 x magnification and 40° field of view.
* Rugged bodyshell
* Sculpted eye relief for added comfort.


* Dimensions: 127 x 55 x 66 mm
* Magnification: 1x
* Field of View: 40°
* Weight: 408 g
* Infrared: Yes
* Lens diameter: 26mm
* Battery: 1 x AA
* Carry case included
* Operating temperature: -20 to +50°C


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