Double Chamber Bat Box

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This attractive wooden bat box has two internal chambers and is constructed from natural sustainable materials. The heavy construction provides good insulation and longevity, as well as preventing predators from chewing the entrance slot. The front door is hinged for inspection and cleaning.

This box is suitable for siting on trees in gardens or woodland and also on house walls. It is simple to install and the timber requires no annual maintenance. Site 2.5 – 5m high on a building, mature tree or vegetation line (trees/tall hedge) or on a feeding/flight route in partial daytime sun.

Wooden boxes should not be painted or treated with any type of preservative, as these can harm the bats.

Made using FSC certified wood.

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* Height: 31.3 cm
* Width: 16 cm
* Depth: 16 cm
* Weight: 1.8 kg


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