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The Echo Meter Touch 2 is perfect for bat enthusiasts and students and will let you record, listen to and identify bat calls in real-time on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. All you need is your iOS device, your Echo Meter Touch 2 and the Echo Meter Touch App which is a free download from the iTunes store.

When plugged in, the Echo Meter Touch 2 enables you to listen to bats in real time, view live sonograms in full colour, record onto your device and identify calls to species level in seconds. If your device has GPS functionality, the Echo Meter Touch 2 will also log the recording location and path of the recording session.

If you are a consultant or bat worker, why not take a look at the Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro?

The Echo Meter Touch 2 can only be used with compatible devices as per Wildlife Acoustics’ recommended list. Please make sure you read this before purchasing a device.

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* Sample rate: 256 samples per second at 16 bits
* Maximum recording frequency: 128kHz
* Gain settings: 1
* Custom User Settings: Trigger minimum frequency
* Echo Meter Touch App: Free to download
* Listening modes: RTE, heterodyne, post-recording time expansion
* Recording format: 16-bit full spectrum WAV
* Species Auto-ID regions: North America, the Neotropics, UK, Europe and South Africa
* Enclosure: Rugged ABS/polycarbonate housing with an integrated acoustical horn
* Width: 48mm
* Length: 35mm (43mm including lightning connector)
* Thickness: 7.3mm – 15.8mm
* Weight: 20g / 0.7oz
* iOS battery run time (iPad): Up to 13 hours
* iOS battery run time (iPad Mini): Up to 8 hours
* iOS battery run time (iPhone): Up to 4 hours

The Echo Meter Touch 2 is compatble with:
* iPhone 8 Plus
* iPhone 8
* iPhone 7 Plus
* iPhone 7
* iPhone SE
* iPhone 6s Plus
* iPhone 6s
* iPhone 6 Plus
* iPhone 6
* iPad Pro (9.7-inch)
* iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
* iPad (released March 2017)
* iPad Air 2
* iPad mini 4
* iPod touch (6th generation)


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