Eco Barn Owl Nest Box


The Eco Barn Owl Nest Box is constructed almost entirely out of recycled plastic with the exception of the wooden base. The recycled plastic means that this nest box is extremely robust, requires virtually no maintenance and has a long life expectancy. The wooden base, made from FSC certified chip-board, absorbs moisture from the nest and should be replaced every few years. The black and green colouration ensures the nest box blends into its surroundings. The curved roof integrates with the sides of the box and overlaps the back and the front of the box to ensure the inside of the box remains dry.

The box is secured using a separate fixing bracket that can be fitted to a tree or wall, with screws or straps. Once the bracket is fixed in place the nest box simply hooks onto the bracket.

Please note that Barn Owls are a Schedule 1 species and so an occupied box must only be disturbed or inspected by a licensed individual.

* Exercise platform for young owls.
* Integrated side access hatch for cleaning or monitoring.
* Internal camera bracket.
* Entrance hole at correct height to prevent young owls getting out before they have reached maturity.


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Overall height: 67cm
Overall width: 66cm (including hatch closures)
Overall depth: 53cm (including rear bracket)
Interior floor area: 53cm x 33cm
Entrance hole: 13cm high x 12cm maximum width
Height of entrance hole above floor: 44cm
Hatch: 21cm high x 18cm wide
Fixing bracket: 19cm high x 20cm wide x 9cm deep (including hooks)
Stabilising bracket length: 14cm
Weight: approx 9.5kg


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