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Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe


This authoritative guide enables accurate identification of the common components of the inshore benthic invertebrates of the British Isles and adjacent European coasts, as well as a substantial proportion of fish species. This new edition builds upon the strengths of the earlier work and is thoroughly revised throughout to incorporate advances in both the taxonomy and ecology of the organisms concerned.

By: Peter Joseph Hayward(Editor), John S Ryland(Editor)

785 pages, b/w line drawings, maps

ISBN: 9780199549450

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1: The marine environment of north-west Europe
2: Using this book
3: Sponges
4: Hydroids, Sea Anemones, Jellyfish, and Comb Jellies
5: Flatworms and Ribbon Worms
6: Annelids
7: Priapulids,Sipunculans, Echiurans, and Entoprocts
8: Crustaceans
9: Mites and Sea Spiders
10: Molluscs
11: Bryozoa
12: Sea Urchins, Starfish, and Sea Cucumbers
13: Acorn Worms and Sea Squirts
14: Fish


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