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Individual/ Couples Beef Meat Box


Our cattle are kept for conservation grazing rather than meat production our ethos is conservation first: meat second, however the herd is a productive herd and we occasionaly have to reduce our stock levels and have beef boxes available.

The sale of our meat is important in helping us sustain the funding for our conservation grazing, an essential form of nature reserve management on many of our sites. However, so we never force slaughter our animals before they are ready, or remove animals from sites that need grazing in order to produce meat.

Prices may vary but are usually around £90/100

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Our Individual/Couples Meat Box usually contains:

2 Roasting Joints (Topside, Silverside or Brisket)
1 pack of sirloin steaks
1 pack of rump steaks
1 pack of diced stewing steak (1kg)
1 pack of braising steak (500g)
4 pack of mince (1 kg)
Liver, kidney, tongue, ox-tail (optional)

Contents and weights may vary.

By purchasing meat from the Trust you are directly helping to fund our nature reserve management work throughout Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and therefore benefiting wildlife.  Learn more about our Conservation Grazing and our methods of managing cattle.


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