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Learn to Mow with a Scythe


26 Jun 2018 10am – 4pm

Learn how to mow using a lightweight Austrian scythe with experienced scythe trainer Chris Riley.’

On the Learn to Mow with a Scythe course you will discover the three interacting factors that make for successful mowing:

  • how to set up the grips correctly for the user’s proportions
  • how to keep the edge sharp
  • how to mow with a movement that is efficient for the body and effective in cutting the vegetation

You will also learn safe procedures for using the scythe, and for handling the blades on and off the snath. Cut resistant gloves are provided where appropriate.

The course programme also includes the following:

  • introduction to the course
  • history of the scythe
  • comparison of English and continental scythes
  • description & parts of a scythe
  • principles of movement
  • how to effectively hone the edge with a whetstone
  • adjustment of blade angles, according to mowing circumstances
  • different blades for different purposes
  • demonstration of peening
  • maintenance and repair of blades
  • Managing meadows, and other vegetation, with a scythe

You will also get a chance to purchase your own Austrian scythe on the day. The benefits of purchasing your scythe on the day are the grips can then be set up correctly to fit you, and you can acquire one or more blades that are appropriate to your intended task. Please contact us or Chris beforehand if you are intending to buy.

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Is this course for me?
This is an ideal course for beginners who want to learn about correct and safe use of an Austrian scythe

When and where?

Tuesday 26 June 2018 – 10am to 4pm

Please arrive 10 minutes before the course is due to start

We will be meeting at St Cross Farm, Winchester, some parking may be available in the field or at Five Bridges Road Winchester.

 What do I need to bring?

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather on the day, as most of the training will be spent outdoors.
  • Strong comfortable footwear, suitable for walking through fields.
  • Cut resistant gloves will be provided
  • All equipment will be provided, but you can bring any kind of scythe for comparison if you have one.
  • Please bring your own refreshments a packed lunch.


Chris Riley

Chris Riley’s background is in nature reserve management, and in leading groups of conservation volunteers. When continental scythes became more easily available, he wanted to do more to further the potential of this efficient and enjoyable tool. He now demonstrates and instructs scything, mainly around the Wessex region, and retails scythe equipment, and is active in developing the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland.


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