No. 17A Schwegler Swift Nest Box Triple Cavity


Swifts spend just four months in Europe over the summer and during this time they use urban areas around our homes and buildings to provide nesting sites. Renovation and rebuilding of older houses means that many of these preferred spaces, such as under roofs, attics or tiles, are often blocked so that they cannot find sufficient nest sites. These Swift Nest Boxes from Schwegler can help this species by providing valuable nesting locations and the installation of several units is an ideal way to support a swift colony. These boxes have been used across Europe with great success for many decades.

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The Swift Box No. 17A is made from a special mixture of compressed plant fibres and concrete which enables it to provide good insulation and an extremely long life. This is an extended version of the No. 17 Standard Swift Box and can accommodate three pairs of swifts in parallel. This assists in the rapid formation of swift colonies.  The box is supplied in a natural grey colour but can be painted to match the background using an air-permeable paint.

This box should be installed at least six to seven metres above the ground, ensuring that there is unobstructed access for birds entering and leaving. If possible, boxes should be sites under the shelter of eaves or overhanging roofs. They can also be installed on steep rock faces. The box can be opened by rotating the circular plate containing the entrance hole by 90° and removing it. Cleaning can then be performed although, in boxes which are occupied by swifts, this is not essential.

The 17A Swift Box is supplied with two L-shaped fixing brackets and screws.

You may also be interested in the Swift Box 17B which is a modified version of the Standard Swift Box but which has an enlarged brood chamber.



* Material: Plant fibre and wood-concrete (100% asbestos-free)
* Internal dimensions: 14 x 14 x 30cm
* External dimensions: 15 x 15 x 98cm
* Weight: 7.1kg


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