No. 5 Schwegler Owl Box


Owl Boxes are often installed in parks and forests, not only to promote the diversity of species, but also as a means of controlling mouse populations. The No. 5 Owl Box is designed to mimic natural holes in trees in which the tawny owl will typically roost. This nest box is also suitable for stock doves and jackdaw.

This box should be installed 4 – 6m above ground and birds can be encouraged to use the box if a thick layer of wood shavings or sawdust is spread over the recess in the floor. The front panel can easily be removed for inspection and cleaning purposes.

The box is made from Schwegler wood-concrete; an exceedingly durable, rot-proof and breathable natural material designed to mimic the properties of natural nest sites and last 20 – 25 years.

A replacement front panel is available separately if you break or lose the front panel of your nestbox.

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* Material: Woodcrete
* External dimensions: 25cm diameter x 44cm height
* Internal dimensions: 20cm diameter
* Entrance hole: 110 x 120mm
* Weight: 9.2kg


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