Three Ways to Help us Raise funds with Ebay for Charity

1. Become an Ebay Community Seller

Earn a bit. Give a bit. Everyone benefits

When you’re selling, the real beauty of eBay for Charity is that there’s something for everyone – yourself included. You decide exactly what percentage of your final selling price you’d like to give to charity (that’s good causes sorted), and what percentage you’d like for yourself (that’s you sorted). You also get to choose Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust as a charity you’d like to support.

 It’s seen by everyone

eBay for Charity listings are the same as any other eBay listing, except for the blue and yellow eBay for Charity ribbon  in search results and your chosen charity’s mission statement and logo in your listing. This means your listing can be seen by everyone who searches through It’ll also get extra visibility through the eBay for Charity pages.

It’s the perfect way to make a difference – while doing what you do every day on eBay, whether you’re a fishing enthusiast selling angling gear or a big business trading electronics.

 Earn fee credits

Every time you list an item for charity, you’ll get a fee credit on your basic insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage you donate. So if you donate 50% of your selling price to a charity, eBay will waive 50% of your fees.

 Ready to Sell?

  • Once you’re ready to list your item, use the ‘Advanced Sell’ form.
  • As you’re filling out the details, look out for the charity box just below where you set your price.
  • Select Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and the percentage (10%-100%) of your final selling price that you’d like to donate
  • Three weeks after your item sells, PayPal Giving Fund (eBay’s partner charity) will automatically collect the donation from you.
  • You can also manage your donations through the ‘My Donations’ section of My eBay, under the My Account tab. Any fee credits will appear on your next invoice

Don’t forget Gift Aid

Gift Aid is one of the easiest ways to make your donation tax effective. Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, the charity will receive an extra 25p from the government. Simply log into PayPal Gift Aid to make your declaration. When your charity item sells, provided you pay more in UK income or capital gains tax than you’re asking charities to claim back in each tax year, the PayPal Giving Fund will collect the Gift Aid from the government and pass it on to your chosen charity.

2. Donate Items

Donate items to us for our eBay sales. We can’t accept everything as we have very little storage space so please contact us with items you have available.

All donated items need to be in clean saleable condition. For example we can accept:

Jewellery & Watches (including broken jewellery and watches)

Mobile Phones (including broken mobile phones)

Coins (UK or Foreign of any age)

Stamps (UK or Foreign of any age)

Small gift items

Outdoorsy items

We cannot accept anything that is dirty, broken (accept jewellery, wates and mobile phones), please email us to check if we can accept your items.

Contact us with a list of items you would like to donate.

3. Shop With Us on eBay

Help us raise vital funds for wildlife in the Hampshire & Isle of Wight by shopping with us on eBay.

Look out for our Charity ID:12686