1N Schwegler Deep Nest Box


Birds which nest in recesses or cavities are at risk where there are large numbers of magpies, jays, cats and martens. The 1N has two entrances and a removable wooden insert and offers excellent protection. With two entrances the interior is well lit and birds will readily use it. In areas where there are many small predators it is equally as popular as models such as the 2H and 2HW

Robins are particularly attracted to this type of box, especially if it is placed approx. 1 to 1.5m above the ground, preferably in a moist, shady area. The wooden insert, which can be removed for inspection and cleaning purposes, gives protection against predators because nesting takes place at the far end of the box. It is particularly effective against cats, martens, magpies and jays and therefore makes an effective contribution to breeding success.

Where there is a shortage of suitable nesting areas in parks and forests, this type of box will also be successfully used by all types of tits, tree and house sparrows and many other species.

The two nest box entrance holes, each measuring 30mm x 50mm, are suitable for redstarts and black redstarts, spotted flycatchers, pied wagtail, robins and wrens.

Aluminium nail and hanger included.

These Woodcrete nest boxes are famous for their durability – lasting for at least 20-25 years. Woodcrete is a blend of wood, concrete and clay which will not rot, leak, crack or warp. They are backed by leading ornithologists, nature conservation organisations, government agencies and forestry experts. Schwegler boxes have the highest occupation rates of all nest boxes and are carefully designed to mimic natural nest sites and provide a stable environment for chick rearing and winter roosting.

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* Material: Woodcrete
* External dimensions: 20 x 20 x 30cm
* Nesting chamber: 15 x 21cm
* Entrance hole (twin): 30 x 50mm
* Weight: 5.6kg


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