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Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland


Bees have long interested and fascinated man, and as a cornerstone in plant pollination they are an indispensable group of insects. Nevertheless, many species are declining, and efforts to help determine distributions and changes in abundance have so far been hampered by a serious lack of identification resources. This eagerly anticipated new entry in the highly acclaimed British Wildlife Field Guides series will lay bare the complexities of identification, and is caters both for people new to the bee world as well as to more experienced recorders who wish to identify every species accurately. It provides the most recent information on the identification, ecology, status and distribution of all 275 bee species in Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Series: Bloomsbury Wildlife Guides (formerly British Wildlife Field Guides)

By: Steven Falk(Author), Richard Lewington(Illustrator)

432 pages, 700+ colour photos, 1000+ colour & b/w illustrations, 234 colour distribution 

ISBN:  9781910389034

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The book contains a comprehensive introduction to bee classification, ecology, field techniques and recording, a full glossary, and information on how to separate the sexes and distinguish bees from other insects. Families and genera are introduced, describing key characters and life histories, while the species descriptions cover field and microscopic characters, similar species, variants, flight season, habitat, flowers visited, nesting habits, status & distribution, and parasites & associates. Finally, a series of innovative illustrated keys to genera and species is included, designed to guide the user step by step through the identification process.

As many bees cannot be identified to species level in the field as they require the taking of a specimen for critical examination under a microscope, this is a field guide in the loose sense – it will help you to recognise much of what you see in the field, but also indicate at which point you need to take specimens and put them under a microscope. However, you don’t need to collect bees or have a microscope to enjoy the book.


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