Flowers of the Forest


Flowers of the Forest Plants and People in the New Forest National Park.

By Clive Chatters

ISBN: 9781903657195

A beautifully illustrated exploration of the botanical richness and cultural heritage of the New Forest National Park. The New Forest has become an exceptional area for wildflowers, many of which were once common throughout the lowlands of Britain. The Forest enjoys strong populations of many special wildflowers because it retains a living tradition of free-ranging domestic animals grazing its coastland, extensive commons and village greens. This book shows how the wildlife of the Forest is the natural expression of the lives and economy of the people of the Forest. 

The book features: 
  • An introduction to the New Forest and how its commoning economy works. 
  • A description of the principal habitats of the Forest and how they relate to one another. 
  • Accounts of the people who have explored the Forest for wildflowers from the early seventeenth century to the present day. 
  • Descriptions of over 100 species of flowering plants and ferns currently known from the National Park which are nationally or internationally rare, scarce or threatened. 
  • A personal account of Forest conservation issues by someone who has participated in the life of the Forest for over twenty years.

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