Tawny Owl, Jackdaw and Stock Dove Nest Box


Stock doves and jackdaws, along with tawny owls, generally nest in tree cavities or buildings. As such sites are becoming increasingly rare, providing an artificial nesting site can be hugely beneficial for these species.

This nest box should be sited a minimum of 3m above ground and should be in a quiet, secluded area with a clear flight path to the entrance. If the box is to be located in areas with human activity then it should be sited more than 5m above ground to help encourage occupation. Tawny owl chicks will leave the nest before they are able to fly so it is vital that there are branches with cover in which they can hide during the day -an ivy covered tree is ideal.

A layer of loose dry material, such as wood shavings or shredded bark, can be added to the nest box in December or January before breeding starts (tawny owls often breed as early as January). If you wish to clean the box out at the end of the season, the best time to do this is in December. The front of the box is hinged and is easily opened, allowing you to remove the old contents and replace with fresh shavings/bark.

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* Width: 37cm
* Height: 55.5cm
* Depth: 44cm
* Weight: 8kg
* Hole diameter: 13cm
* Material: Plywood


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