Urban Bird Nestbox

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This Urban Bird Nestbox is part of a contemporary range of wildlife habitats that have a sleek design to suit the urban environment. It can be hung either as a diamond or a square depending on your preference.

  • Contemporary sleek design
  • Combination of ultra modern material and natural timber
  • Different hanging positions

The box is environmentally friendly with the outer shell being made from Clayplas+, a composite material of 70% clay and 30% recycled plastics. The interior is made from natural FSC timber, which is great for warmth & breathability. The inner wooden bird box also has a sliding panel at the rear for cleaning and the next box entrance hole is protected with a crisp stainless steel 32mm hole protector. This makes a very durable next box with a 10-year materials guarantee.

* Dimensions: Height 160mm, Width 160mm, Length 155mm

* Weight: 900g

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